Hank DePuy Class

Meets in room 203 in the Administrative Building. Class members take turn leading the class each week using Cokesbuy's Adult Bible Study series. We are currently studying the books of 1 & 2 Corinthians.

Hunt-Sharpe Class

Meets in room 201 in the Administrative Building. This class is taught by a team of teachers and uses Cokesbury's Adult Bible Study series.


Meets in the Parlor. This class is taught by Pastor Jeff and is an in-depth focus on books of the Bible. We are currently studying the Book of 1 Corinthians. Our members are pretty well spread between their 20's through their 60's.

Benson Discussion Class

Meets in room 202 in the Administrative Building. This class is taught by George Lee and Ginger Friedlein. We are currently doing a study on the book The Call by Adam Hamilton.


This adult class meets in room 101 in the Fellowship Building. Retired United Methodist Minister Tracy Maness leads the class in thought-provoking explorations of Scripture. We are currently using lectionary texts as the basis of our discussion. Tracy challenges the class to probe the deeper meaning of the Biblical narratives. He provides historic perspectives and scholarly insights to help the class gain a more complete understanding of the relevance of the text for people of faith today. We invite adults, both young and mature, to attend.


Meets in room 111 in the Fellowship Buildling. This class is taught by Curt Geller. We are currently studying the book Do Your Best and Trust God for the Rest.

Children's Classes

We have a nursery Sunday School class in room 107 and a Pre-K class in room 109. For elementary schoolers, we have a class that meets in room 114. All these rooms are located in the Fellowship Building.

Youth Classes

We have two different Sunday School classes for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers, both of which meet in the Youth Center.