bible stories WITH Miss CORTNEY

If you liked Story Time with Miss Cortney, you’ll love Bible Stories with Miss Cortney!


The Bible is the most important story in the whole world, and when you look inside, you’ll find lots of little stories—stories about stars and storms, dangerous journeys, and surprising rescues. You’ll find stories about wise queens, disobedient kings, and brave shepherds. And one VERY important baby. You’ll meet people who do incredible things and some who make terrible mistakes, because the Bible is also about second chances and being forgiven.


But all of these little stories together tell one big story—the story of God’s GREAT love for his children. And because God made you, this is your story too. It’s the true story of who you are and what you are made for.


Some parts of the Bible are complicated (even for grown-ups), and it’s always good to ask questions. But the most important parts are very simple:


• Who God is: the Loving One who created everything and everyone;

• Who we are: precious children of God, created by God and loved by God no matter what; and

• What we are made to do: love God and others.


Join Miss Cortney for Bible Stories with Miss Cortney as we read the whimsically illustrated Tiny Truths Bible. A link to these weekly videos can be found in the Friday email, on Facebook, and YouTube.